Sunday, September 29, 2013


Things have been moving non-stop since July. You may have noticed that's the last time I blogged. Since then, I've enjoyed summer bonfires with family, taken a philosophy class at Brown University, and taken an 18 hour trip to NYC (where I had to snap the stereotypical Times Square picture). Right now, my time has been filled with work, sailing, college essays, and my photography business. At this point, my life has been so full that I can't believe I still have to do homework on top of that. High school seems so little and silly compared to all of the bigger projects I'm working on.

My main project this summer... expanding my professional photography! If you haven't noticed, over the summer I started a photography business. It's been so fun and exciting to manage my own mini "company." I've really liked starting my own project, organizing dates and details, and of course taking pictures. It combines everything I love doing. I also got to do a little bit of website design. You can check out my business website at

With so much going on, it's hard to manage all of my social networking. I run my website, Facebook page (give it a like!), Instagram, and this blog... Sometimes what I put up on each site is just a repeat of what I've posted on another. to avoid that, I've decided that I'll be using my website only for client photographs (i.e. the senior photos that I take) and this website for personal photography. Be on the lookout for my college supplement photography portfolio coming soon...! I'm excited to share it with you all.

I've also been working on a lot of graphic design lately. Who knows, I may have to expand my business to Katie Talerico Photography and Design... I'm so blessed to have had all of these creative opportunities lately. I'm excited to see where the future lies. I hope you'll be there with me!


Anonymous said...

You're amazing, Katie. Good luck with your photography business and college essays! <3

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