Saturday, August 27, 2011

Part-Time Jobs

I need a part time job. I've always had ideas about where I'd like to work while in high school, always thinking about Delia's or American Eagle but then I realized... I don't really want to see people I know where I'm working. Which narrows it down quite a bit. If I could choose anywhere, here's where I'd work:

Limited Too
Pros: Sell clothes, be around kids, I know nobody
Cons: Must listen to Justin Beiber all day, be around kids
Oh, just shut up, I know it's called Justice now. It will always be Limited Too in my mind.

Center for the Arts
I know they wouldn't let me, but it'd be amazing to teach a kid's class at our local Center for the arts.
Pros: I love art, the kids love art, amazing
Cons: Messy, not gonna happen

The Apple Store
Pros: I am a freaking Apple genius, I love Apple, amazing place to work
Cons: I'm pretty sure I'm too young

Panera Bread
Cons: What?

Movie Theatre
Pros: Get discount movies, I'd quite like to own some of the movie posters and hang them in my room, looks pretty easy (I mean would you look at the people who work there now?)
Cons: See EVERYONE (But then again get to see who's going out with who- I KNOW I'M NOSY.)

So to my readers who haven't gotten their first job yet, where would you want a part time job? And to those who've already gotten one, what was your first job?


Horse4090 said...

hmmmm, I'd love to work at Brugers for the same reason you'd work at Panera. How do I go about getting a part time job in the first place?

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